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Benefits of High-Resolution Microfilm Records

Microfilming uses high resolution, high contrast film to capture documents. The reduced size makes duplicating and distributing a large volume of documents simple and cost-effective. Combine that with its excellent archival properties, and you begin to understand why microfilm is an excellent way to manage your documents.

Guaranteed File Integrity

Microfilmed documents are preserved just as they were filmed without the possibility of lost or misfiled pages. The nature of the media prevents editing of the documents after the fact. This is why microfilm documents are admissible in court.

Less Storage Space Needed

Typically, microfilm reduces your storage requirements by at least a factor of ten on letter-sized documents. The storage benefits are even greater for engineering drawings, newsprint, and blueprints.

Microfilming Equipment

Preserve Documents For A Lifetime

Silver halide film archives more than one hundred years, providing an excellent way to significantly extend the life of paper documents. No other medium is as durable as microfilm for long-term storage and retrieval.

Cost Effective For Volume Distribution Of Documents

Microfilm lets you duplicate thousands of your documents for a fraction of the cost of paper duplication. The reduced size and weight of microfilm keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Stored Documents In A Human, Readable Form

Unlike digital imaging, microfilm is technology independent. Documents stored a hundred years ago are readable today. CD-ROMs have an uncharted shelf life, which some studies have shown to be as short as five years. That's why most government agencies archive their records by microfilming.

High-Resolution Storage

Microfilm is not dependent on resolution-based sampling to store your documents. Information is stored at an almost infinite resolution in a fraction of the space. A digital image of similar quality would take up an enormous amount of disk space. Don't just store part of your document; microfilm it.