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Seamless Digital Imaging

Thousands of organizations around the world use document imaging every day instead of paper filing systems. With digital imaging, we convert physical documents into electronic images you store on your computer. PMI converts paper documents, microfilm, microfiche, photographs, slides, blueprints, and over-sized drawings to electronic images. Once this is done, you can retrieve these documents effortlessly in seconds. The benefits of digital document scanning are numerous and include the following:

  • Prevent Lost Records
  • Save Storage Space
  • Manage Records Easily
  • Find Documents Quickly
  • Make Images Centrally Available
  • Eliminate Need for File Cabinets

Microfilm to Digital Image Details

When you have microfilmed originals scanned into digital images, you get the best of both worlds: archival longevity and instant retrieval. PMI can scan 16-mm, 35-mm, and 105-mm microfilm to a digital image. Don't use an old, outdated reader-printer to look up your microfilm images when we can provide you with indexed digital images to make your information cleaner and easier to access.

Our Consultation Process

After we meet with you to get a clear idea of your exact needs and priorities, we recommend specific strategies to accomplish your document management goals. Your objectives may involve massive back-file conversions, "day-forward" scanning applications, or both. Regardless, PMI's intent in any archival project is to produce the most accurate digital images possible of your source material and deliver those images in the format and time frame you request. Our services even include a complimentary software demonstration using a sample CD of your imaged documents.

Business People

Onsite Imaging & Other Special Requests

We do everything feasible to assist your company with any special imaging requirements. For instance, you may have documents of such a sensitive nature that they cannot leave your place of business. We resolve that issue by coming to you. PMI possesses the experience and personnel to take care of your onsite projects efficiently and seamlessly.